Maxima Plus

Combines the high quality offered by the Maxima range collections with a stylish matt surface.

Technical parameters

Usability class: 22

Total thickness: 2,70mm

Thickness of wear layer: 0,20 mm

Weight: 1,62 kg/m2

Available width: 2 m, 3m, 3,5 m, 4 m

Slip resistance: ≥ 0,3 DS

Reaction to fire: Cfl-s1

Warranty: 5 years

Antistatic and dissipating properties

Dimensional stability: max 0,4 %

Avery S30/ 571-12 S
Avery S33/ 571-11 S
Avery S36/ 571-09 S
Avery S46/ 571-08 S
Avery S93/ 571-10 S
Beskidy Oak S08/ 605-12 S
Beskidy Oak S35/ 605-11 S
Beskidy Oak S91/ 605-10 S
Beskidy Oak S95/ 605-09 S
Gambel Oak S39/ 601-09 S
Gambel Oak S91/ 601-10 S
Jasmund S34/ 570-05 S
Jasmund S36/ 570-06 S
Jasmund S96/ 570-04 S
Maxima Plus Estate Oak S95/640-09
Maxima Plus Estate Oak S61/640-07
Maxima Plus Estate Oak S92/640-08
Maxima Plus Hunter Oak S39/638-06
Maxima Plus Hunter Oak S44/638-05
Maxima Plus Legend Oak S33/642-06
Maxima Plus Legend Oak S42/642-07
Maxima Plus Venato S94/639-04
Maxima Plus Venato S98/639-05
Maximus S08/ 572-05 S
Maximus S96/ 572-06 S
Ohrid Oak S31/ 591-14 S
Ohrid Oak S43/ 591-02 S
Ohrid Oak S45/ 591-16 S
Ohrid Oak S53/ 591-15 S
Ohrid Oak S61/ 591-01 S

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