About company

Lentex Flooring is a renowned manufacturer of flexible PVC floor coverings designed for residential and commercial areas and sports facilities. Lentex Flooring is a company combining 100-year long tradition with modern approach, which results in a well-known brand and established position of the company in Poland and abroad.

Flexible floor coverings produced by Lentex Flooring are budget-friendly and allow for creating perfect floor
arrangements easily and effectively; they are durable and easy to install and keep clean. They are available in many colours and patterns, both in modern and classic style, imitating wood boards, parquet floor, terracotta or even stone floor. Thanks to their varied parameters, wide range of patterns and colours Lentex Flooring floor coverings work fine in houses, apartments and public facilities.


Good organisation of a work, a qualified team and years of experience allow us to maintain the high quality of production. Furthermore, modern technology that we use in our laboratories increases our production capabilities. All these elements make Lentex Flooring a renowned manufacturer of resilient residential and commercial PVC.

Our customers


„We are giving the highest mark for both quality as well as competitive prices. Lentex Flooring  is able to meet the highest standards in the flooring industry. „

Mawis Sp. z o.o.

„Cooperating with our company Lentex Flooring proved that is a reliable business partner. Lentex Flooring is a professional supplier of PVC flooring. „

Kinga S.C.

„The professionalism and competitive prices are undoubtedly advantages of the company. We appreciate the commitment of employees and high quality products. „