PIONIEER is a high-end heterogeneous floor covering with increased anti-slip properties due to the polyurethane coating and high abrasion resistance. The collection has verry good acoustic propoerties. The mechanical embossing of the surface increases the product’s penetration resistance and makes it easier to clean.

Technical parameters



Usability class: 34

Usability class: 43

Total thickness: 2,50mm

Thickness of wear layer: 0,70 mm

Weight: 2,25 kg/m2

Available width: 2 m, 4 m

Slip resistance: ≥ 0,3 DS

Slip resistance: R10/R11

Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1

Shock noise reduction: + 18dB

Warranty: 15 years

Antistatic and dissipating properties

Dimensional stability: max 0,4 %

Beskidy Oak S34/ 605-15 S
Beskidy Oak S50/ 605-01 S
Beskidy Oak S91/ 605-10 S
Jackson S38/ 633-03 S
Jackson S44/ 633-05 S
Jackson S52/ 633-06 S
Jackson S93/ 633-04 S
Ohrid Oak S33/ 591-10 S
Ohrid Oak S34/ 591-17 S
Ohrid Oak S41/ 591-12 S
Ohrid Oak S90/ 591-11 S
Regina S91/ 604-03 S
Regina S93/ 604-07 S
Regina S94/ 604-08 S
Regina S95/ 604-04 S
Taco S30/ 602-10 S
Taco S31/ 602-11 S
Taco S34/ 602-15 S
Taco S73/ 602-14 S
Taco S91/ 602-01S
Taco S93/ 602-13 S
Taco S97/ 602-12 S

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